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Under cabinet lighting

10 Reasons why our Under Cabinet Lighting is best

Bespoke Under Cabinet Lighting

1. Bespoke. 

All our under cupboard lights are custom made to exact dimensions. Whatever dimensions you have we can make them up to 2 meters.

2. Super Bright. 

With over 1800 Lumens per metre, the lighting not only provides super bright light over the counter but also can provide a form of indirect lighting for your kitchen.

3. Super Slim

The aluminium housing is only 7 mm in height and can be used even exposed. Now you don’t have to hide your lights under the cabinet.

4. High Color Accuracy

Numerically, the highest possible CRI value is 100 and would only be given to a source identical to daylight. Our LEDs have 97 CRI.

5. Best Color Temperature

We use the classic Soft White (3000K) and Bright White/ Daylight White (4000K). Either choice you make for sure will give your kitchen a new cool look. 

6. Quick turn over

We can build any dimension up to 2 metres for you in 1-2 days. For time-sensitive projects we can move some things around and make them in 1 day.

7. Proudly Made in UK

Our lights are made by hand, locally, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality.

8. Free shipping

Enjoy free, fast and tracked shipping for all our orders within Mainland UK.  

9. No hassle returns

We have a “No questions asked return policy”. For whatever reason you might not like our lights we will make it easy for you to return the lights for a full refund. We ask nothing.

10. 2 Year Warranty Coverage

Under ideal conditions, our Under Cabinet Lighting LEDs are rated for 50000 hours. This means about six years of continuous usage. Of course you will not keep the lights on all the time in an under cupboard or other in home installations so the lights should last at least 10 years.