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Improve your kitchen affordable budget

How to improve your kitchen under £100

If you ever wanted to remodel and fit a new kitchen you probably were hit with quote prices in the range of £10000 and £25000.

But did you knew that there is another way to give your kitchen a new and fresh look and at same time adding value to your house for under £100?

We found out that installing Under Cabinet Lighting is an affordable way to improve your kitchen.

Our Under Cabinet LED Lights are easy to install and cut to your exact cupboard dimensions.

Because the lights are 12V DC low voltage, depending on what wiring you have in place they can be installed even as DIY. Our staff is more than happy to answer whatever questions you would have.

The Under Cabinet LED Lights are very bright with over 1800 Lumens per metre and they can be used as task lights but also as ambient light offering a high-contrast form of indirect lighting.