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kitchen under cupboard lighting

LED strips versus puck lights

ktichen under cupboard lights
kitchen under cupboard led lights

Are led strips better than puck lights for kitchen under cupboard lighting?

LED strips and puck lights are both popular options for adding lighting to a kitchen, but they have some differences.

Shape and Size: LED strips are long and narrow, while puck lights are small and circular.

Mounting: LED strips are typically mounted under cabinets, while puck lights can be mounted under cabinets, inside cabinets, or on the ceiling.

Light Output: LED strips provide a more uniform and continuous lighting, while puck lights have a concentrated beam of light, creating more accent lighting and shadows.

Energy Efficiency: LED strips are more energy-efficient than puck lights, as they use less power for the same amount of light.

Cost: LED strips are generally more expensive than puck lights, but they offer more flexibility in terms of customization and design.

Overall, the choice between LED strips and puck lights in a kitchen depends on the desired lighting effect, the size and layout of the kitchen, and personal preference. If you want a more uniform and continuous lighting, LED strips are a better choice. If you want to highlight certain areas of the kitchen or create accent lighting, puck lights may be more suitable.