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Linear lighting vs triangle under cupboard lights

Is linear led lighting better than triangle under cupboard lights?

An important question that keeps coming back when upgrading a kitchen is what type of under cupboard lighting should I choose?

After spending a few good thousands on kitchen cabinets and fancy worktops you can show them off with the use of the cupboards lights. The question is what kind of lights as there can be quite some choices.

When using triangle under cupboard lights the main disadvantage is that usually they are installed close to the splashback and will appear spots of light on it which can be troubling because under cupboard lighting should also be used as accent light in kitchen and in our case the accent will be on splashback and worktop. And they will have spots of light on them. Not actually nice.

Obviously we can avoid having spots of light on splashback by using linear led under cupboard lighting. They are installed at the front of cabinets and the light will go even on the splashback and worktop.

Moreover there will be more light on the worktop, because compared with triangle lights the light will not be wasted by reflecting to splashback and can see nice what were cooking.

As they say best time is spent in kitchen we deserve a cool bright under cupboard lighting.